Hongmi 1 S, CWM and a fake HM-1

Jul 4, 2014
I bought a Hongmi 1 S and like it. I am new to Xiaomi. Can someone point me to a CWM recovery that will work on this phone so that I can back up the ROM?

Also, before I got this phone, I had ordered one from a dishonest seller on ***********. Instead of shipping me a genuine Xiaomi Red Rice M1, he sent me a look-alike that says (in about phone) that it is a Hongmi HM-1W with an ARMv7 processor.

I got a refund, and also got to keep the phone (the seller didn't want it back). So, is there a CWM recovery that is compatible with this fake "red rice" and also, can I install MIUI on it?