Hongmi Experience

Sep 12, 2013
Dear Fellows,
I am student here in Beijing and bought Hongmi in second week of September. It cost me around 1100 rmb carrying the basic things (phone, battery and charger) along with a MI earbud headphones and a cheap screen protector.
The first impression was awesome for i was using ZTE U930 mobile (a best seller phone from ZTE in China) before. However after using it for almost one month, i have following points to share:
The most irritating thing is the memory (RAM) usage. In normal conditions, the ram usage is above 70%. Killing all programs can reduce it to mere 65-70%. Your suggestion regarding this issue may be helpful.
I have rooted my phone in first week after purchase and run it for one week following the instructions on one of the forum. It went fine but becomes a little sluggish and secondly the RAM usage was always around 90%. This may be because of using Google and MIUI frameworks at the same time. So after that i got back to the stable MIUI version. Right now, the phone is doing fine.
I am still unable to calibrate compass as it is ,most of the time, remains in calibration mode instead of normal mode. I followed the procedure to rotate it according to the pattern but unable to come out of calibrate state.
The camera performance is good but same old problem for night operation. Pictures are not very clear when taking pictures at night.
GPS is extremely good.
By and large, the phone is impressive in this price. Screenshot_2013-10-30-20-14-47.png
Jun 14, 2013
Hi, to decrease the ram usage i download estask manager. In the boot section you can forbid all program you want. With my settings i'm always about 500-600mb free. Hope it can help you.

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