Hongmi WCDMA version Unboxing review with a lot of Pics

Sep 23, 2012
Few days ago I needed a budget mobile phone for some friend urgently and I selected the HONGMI (Red Rice) WCDMA. I bought it from antelife . They have a range of payment methods available with free and fast shipping.
Here is link to buy Hongmi from antelife, you can get the price down to $191.99 usd with this coupon code : 4xiaomi

Here is the unboxing of the 100% Genuine HONGMI WCDMA version. I took a lot of pictures for your viewing pleasure

I ordered the

· HONGMI WCDMA version

· Xiaomi Headphones

· Original xiaomi HONGMI protective back cover

· High Quality Screen protector.

All of this came in a big brown box. As you can see in the pictures,

As you can see the contents of the box, it have Headphones, back cover screen protector (not visible) and the phone box (Under the back cover)

HM (1).jpg HM (2).jpg HM (3).jpg HM (4).jpg

I will emphasize on the phone box so here comes the phone box. It’s wrapped in the air tight plastic sheet. This is the original xiaomi packing. Very strong and simple. On the back of the box there is a red sticker which includes manufacturing date of the this particular phone and phone version that it’s a WCDMA version and Full specs. Although the specs are in Chinese but these easily understandable.

HM (5).jpg HM (6).jpg HM (7).jpg HM (8).jpg

When we open the box, we see the beloved Hongmi!! I picked it up and it feel superb. Build quality is far better than expectation. No cheap material feel. Although it not as good as the metallic alloys but it’s nice to hold the phone.

HM (9).jpg HM (10).jpg HM (11).jpg HM (12).jpg

Now when I further dig in the box I found the USB data cable + charger, it’s the Standard USB cable from xiaomi , charger look different than what I had before with mi Mi2 , But the rating is the same 5V 1000mA.

HM (13).jpg HM (14).jpg HM (15).jpg HM (16).jpg

On further exploration I found battery the three documents like user guide warranty etc, But these all are in Chinese. In the close up you can see that the battery is 2000mA 7.6 watt. Although rating is the same as Mi2 battery but it’s not interchangeable with mi2 battery. Shape is different.

HM (17).jpg HM (18).jpg HM (19).jpg HM (20).jpg

That’s all that came in the Phone box.

1. Phone

2. Charger

3. USB cable (for charging and data transfer)

4. Documentation

5. Battery

There was no SD card or head phones but hey it’s the best budget phone so I think it still OK.

Now it’s time to open the phone and put the battery and SIM card inside. Here are some close-up how does it look form inside. Its say WCDMA and can see two SIM card slots also a SD card slot. SD card can be swapped without taking out the battery but to change the SIM card battery must be removed. I put the SIM card and the battery and SIM card in.

HM (21).jpg HM (22).jpg HM (23).jpg HM (24a).jpg

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Sep 23, 2012
Now when I wanted to put back the back cover I noticed its very light, thin and flexible. It was a little strange and feel a little fragile but due to flexibility it’s not easily breakable.

HM (25).jpg HM (26).jpg

After putting back cover on, the next step is of course is to power on the phone and see how it works J . When I powered it on, it asked me different question to set it up. As you can see that the there are only three language option only (official real MIUI support only these three languages) I selected English but then I skipped the most of the questions like entering the xiaomi ID and data package setup then it booted to the MIUI V5 desktop I am so familiar with

HM (27).jpg HM (28).jpg HM (29).jpg HM (30).jpg HM (31).jpg HM (32).jpg HM (33).jpg HM (34).jpg HM (35).jpg HM (36).jpg

I will use it for few days before I give this to my friend ;)

If anybody want to change the software or tweak there Hongmi they should refer to this thread

Let me know what you think guys
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Oct 13, 2012
Nice job unboxing the device.

I am curious to see how the dual sims work, and if you can select which Sim to use when you make each call, or send texts.

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Dec 14, 2013
I have to say that I'm very satisfied with this phone. Only one thing i have to get used to is it's size, which is a little too big for my hands.
I actually used GPS only after i installed GPS tools in GPlay. I've been using it since 3 phones back. Got the position in under 30 seconds. with no network
Aug 5, 2011
Gret review thanks.
Also ordered mine from antelife and I'm waiting but now I'm a bit afraid as I'm seeing many people with fake devices....
Sep 23, 2012
Gret review thanks.
Also ordered mine from antelife and I'm waiting but now I'm a bit afraid as I'm seeing many people with fake devices....
When did you buy it? And for which country? I am sure you will get the original device!

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Aug 5, 2011
Bought it 2 days ago to be shipped to Portugal.
Initial order was to be shipped from China but I changed it to be shipped from their Spanish warehouse and paid a little extra for that
Feb 20, 2013
You say that but it probably isn't a big deal and maybe only that model.
Xiaomi are a way off selling proper in Europe surely.
Maybe the mi3/4 will have it.?


Aug 5, 2011
I found that odd. How does it pass though customs on all countries then?
No item can be sold in UE without that CE