How Can I Replace My Broken Camera Lens?

Mar 6, 2015
Today I've had the sad surprise to discover that the camera lens on the back of my Xiaomi Redmi 1S had been broken during the day. I hadn't noticed that and now I wonder how I can change it.
I got my Redmi about 6 months ago and it works perfectly, that's why I want to keep it...

The glass is really completely broken I can no longer take correct photos.

I was wondering : where can I buy the camera lens to replace the broken one? And finally, is the change easy to do?

Thank you by advance!

PS: If you want any photo, just ask me.


Jun 29, 2012

I know this answer comes late, and you probably allready fixed it, but if someone else has the same problem here goes.
You can google the lens cover and get it via aliexpress or similar site (few $). Replacement couldn't be easyer. All you have to do is remove battery cover and remove the broken one from it's socket. It's glued in and you can wigle it loose with scalpel or some other thin blade. After that clean the socket and just press the new one in and that's it.