How many (non-Chinese)MIUI users


Nov 9, 2010
Based on downloads I'm guessing that there are between 500 and 600 Droid 1MIUI users at any given time.
How many users are there on the other handsets?
Good idea, on forum when you select your mobile device it includes a small image as your avatar, this woould be a nice feature on here I think.
Lightning N1 said:
*** Suggestion for the site, NIX and Mark I'm sure your reading each post at this piont , could we modify the site registration to have people that register select the phone they are using so we can see how many users there are using each device category. We could have a running tally of how many of each device were at least interested in this ROM. ***

Point noted, we're constantly looking to give people a better experience on this site so it's something we will look into over the weekend.