How to do a FULL MIUI ROM Backup?


Dec 18, 2022
I have had a Redmi Note 11 for 4-5 months and wiped it 2-3 times. When I bought the phone and set up everything, I downloaded the apps I wanted to use and had valuable data for each app already. The whole phone was in a finished state; then I decided to root it because I needed root access (without using custom ROMS, only getting root access with the stock ROM). To do this, I had to unlock the bootloader and got the first FULL DEVICE FORCED WIPE FOR NO REASON (I do not even want to know why it's made like this, but you can tell me the genius reason if you want ) but anyways... Re-set up everything again. Then rooted successfully, and after a month MIUI security update came, I applied it, then started to re-root my device again but messed up something this time, so I had to completely re-flash the stock ROM (sounds easy like you repair broken Windows or reinstalling it) but Windows reinstall/repair do not F*CKING FORCE WIPE your whole data without any reasons unless you select to do it. But to be safe anyways, you can anyways copy your whole disk to another one, and is all OK. With android NOPE! A manual copy of the Android Folder does not restore your app data, you can't back up your complete OS settings and etc. Again I had to re SET-UP the whole phone from scratch, and this was annoying as hell and painful to do every time. That's why I want to know how to properly backup the FULL ROM with its OS Settings from A to Z (dark mode, wifi connections, preferences, buttons menus, wallpaper, sound, etc...), also want to back up the apps and their actual DATA and last state from when used. In the android settings menu, there's a Backup and Restore option, but I am sure it will backup my photos that I can already copy and paste from my Phone storage to my PC and my calendar, contacts that I have on my Sim Card "LOL" and nothing actually useful, to be able to restore my phone to the previous point if again mess something up while rooting. So is there any official Xiaomi or another unofficial software for PC to easily do a complete rom backup? I can install TWRP if no other way but still want to do a backup before starting to do anything rooting/booting/flashing/ related on my phone so if fail I can just restore to stock ROM but not from scratch.
Thanks for the help in advance.
....finished state; then I decided to root it because I needed root access (without using custom ROMS, only getting root access with the stock ROM). To do this, I had to unlock the ....
This ist a custom rom forum - don't understand
I am using the STOCK MIUI ROM, I said I needed just ROOT Access without installing Custom unstable ROMs.
So I have latest MIUI update available for my phone Redmi note 11 and latest available Android version 12 after applying the updates.
So I just want to know is there official Xiaomi tool or way without root to full backup my rom and files first so if something happens later to just revert to my MIUI set-up and ready for use it instead of fresh wiped miui rom and doing setup from scratch (select language, setu- google account, again install all apps and loose ofc the data : ()
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i have no solution but i got a similar question..
i own a Mi11LITE 5G NE..and after a while of reading and trying i arrived to one last problem but the most important i guess
I installed the "lisa" Orange Fox recovery ..rooted the phone installed the custom rom from here per updated to the newest version.
I used different ways to make backups..even with the StockRoms
it took a while but at least it looks like it worked correctly.
THE PROBLEM is that the restore won't work!..
It looks ok until it doesn' get through ..i stuck always after the start when it has changed the picture to the one with the 3or4 "running" points
Maybe someone can help me.. i'm so used to make a BU at my Mi9L
From an working installation (In orangefox) I also copied in the explorer all the files from the data partition 1:1 to an external disk and after i formatted the data partition copied them back exactly
but whitout an efford and i had to install everything new..
I hope my english is understandable
Thank You