How to download themes from the MIUI theme contest?

The Batman

Mar 3, 2011
Like the question in the title asks,

How do we, if possible, download themes represented in the MIUI theme contest? Please tell me that there is a way because there are a few that I would really like to have on my phone.

Thanks for reading and responding.

The Batman
did u find the way how to download this themes ? The competition ended so I thought they release some download links but I just could not find any :(
I've been told that they are not themes. They were mock up themes not actual .mtz's but some will become themes in the best future. I read this info just can't remember where

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If you login to the forums and register, you can actually find a few of the themes for download.

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One or two of them are already in the online theme section in thememanager. I guess more will come..