How to get logfile when phone stucks on bootloop?


Nov 8, 2022
Hello. I flashed the Redmi Note 11 pro+ 5g with the test rom and it stucks on bootloop. So i want to know if it's possible to get a logfile while phone stucks on bootloop... Logcat says ,,wainting for device,,!
It would be glad when someone knows a way to get a logfile :)
Sorry for my bad english...
1) Are you a patron? I don't recognize your username.
2) With a debuggable ROM which automatically launches ADB daemon on boot. And if that doesn't work, probably only by fetching it with TWRP.
Hallo. Yes at patreon i am called Markus Gruber xD Okay thank you I got a rom but it hasn't worked. It still says waiting for device...