1. H

    Boot loop after screen replacement

    Hello, I had a cracked screen on my mi8 so I ordered and replaced a new one. After closing everything, the phone does not boot from the power button. Only if I connect it to a charger, it enters abootloop. At first I thought I damaged the main flex cable, so I replaced it but it didn’t seem to...
  2. C

    Bootloop to TWRP. Can't boot on miui

    Hello, I really need your help please. I had a problem with the encryption. So I tried to flash the rom. And now I find myself on twrp everytime I reflash the ROM, tried to erase stuff but nothing helped, the phone always reboots to TWRP. I'm trying to solve this problem by going to the forums...
  3. M

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro blocked in bootloop, can't unlock, can't flash, can't access MIUI's settings

    Hello there. I have little hopes someone will be able to help me out there but I try anyway because I don't know what to do anymore at this point. Since the start of this year 2021, my phone went to bootloop. I can access Recovery 3.0 or Fastboot mode, but when I try to unlock with MiFlash...
  4. V

    Soft reboot after logging in

    Hello! I tried to upgrade from to but now MIUI is soft rebooting ~20 seconds after logging in. I tried removing SIM card, wiping caches, nothing changed. What can I do to debug this issue? I would prefer not to do complete wipe. Edit: I saw info about incompatible Magisk...
  5. F

    Mi Mix 3 in bootloop with locked bootload

    Hi! I need your help. My Mi Mix 3 updted friday morning, that night I ran out of battery and the phone entered in a bootloop, I've tried to flash it with Mi flash tool but I didn't unlock the bootload when the phone worked. The hard reset didn't worked and I couldn't load the ROM in sideload...
  6. A

    Phone bricked? Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro (LMI) in TWRP Bootloop -- Failed to mount '/system_root' --

    I dont know where to post this since I've been trying to solve the problem all night, searching all over the Internet; (so i created a copy of the post to place it onmy device subforum aswll) I'm going to explain the situation as simply as I can. In my device, the K30 Pro, after buying it and...
  7. A

    Phone bricked? Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro (LMI) in TWRP Bootloop -- Failed to mount '/system_root' --

    I dont know where to post this since I've been trying to solve the problem all night, searching all over the Internet; I'm going to explain the situation as simply as I can. In my device, the K30 Pro, after buying it and installing without problems the TWRP custom recovery, I began to install...
  8. T

    Stuck in bootloop, phone won't flash, need help

    Hello, a few hours ago I delt the need to download Google Pay, but it wouldn't let me use it as my phone (Redmi Note 8 Pro) is not "Play Protect Certified". Fair enough I then look on the Internet and find a way to bypass this restriction using something called "Magisk". Next thing I know : I...
  9. tidalwave83

    RN5 Pro Bootloop with locked bootloader (i can't flash using miflashtool to recover it)

    Hi all, i have a problem while wiping all data on my RN5 pro. After that it stuck at logo (bootloop) and only can access to fastboot and recovery mode. I have the bootloader locked and i can't reflash using the miflashtool
  10. H

    Can't boot on ROM, stuck on TWRP

    Hi, I got my Mi 10 Pro for 1 week, and just got it unlocked. I installed TWRP 3.4.1b-0313 dans downloaded latest MIUI 12 Rom from, I did Wipe and Format Data, but after that, it install the ROM but dont boot on it. It just reboot on TWRP, I never had this problem with all my previous...
  11. H

    Mi Mix 2 Stuck in FASTBOOT after factory reset

    I wanted to install the fresh MIUI 12 on my Mi Mix 2. I downloaded the ROM after that i cleaned my downloads folder but forgot that I erased the ROM from my Phone that was in the Downloads folder. Not knowing that I booted straight into TWRP. I wiped System, Dalvik, Cache and Factory reseted my...
  12. F

    System bootloop TWRP

    Whenever I try to install the WEEKLY ROM my device starts in TWRP mode, I already did everything I could, Uninstall magisk, Format the data, EVERYTHING and my device keeps starting in TWRP mode with the WEEKLY rom, on the other hand the STABLE rom works normal , what could it be? Redmi Note 8...
  13. lucasdelion

    Invalid Phone boots to recovery after changing Accent Color

    I just flashed my phone after 5 hours trying to do it, when I successfully did. I was configuring my phone and changing some stuff. I've searched for color on settings it showed the Change Color Accent feature on Developer Options. I changed from Blue to Cinnamon, the phone went black and then...
  14. Kocha12

    Stuck in Fastboot and won't connect to PC

    My Redmi K20 Pro (Exclusive Edition) is stuck in a Fastboot loop and it doesn't connect to the PC in Fastboot. It does connect when I go to "Connect with me Assistant" in Recoverymode but the Mi PC suite doesn't find it. I tried to flash the ru ROM with MiFlash to get back to MIUI 10, but this...
  15. K

    Not booting - Not showing the MI logo

    Hello, I have a Redmi Note 6 Pro (Global version). Yesterday I attempted to update the phone to MIUI 11, I had 95% battery and everything seemed to be ok. I was kinda tired so I closed my eyes to rest, last time I checked the phone it was at 89.95%, I opened my eyes about 15 minutes later, and...
  16. sz.hatef

    Help, ODD bootloop after making backup by TWRP (PitchBlack)

    my A2 Converted to 6X stuck in bootloop after making a BackUp by PitchBlack, It wont boot in System nor Recovery anymore, what should I do? if I try to go to recovery it turns off, and if I connect charger cable it turns on and off repeatedly (each 2-3 secs)
  17. Whateveristic

    New Miui 11 9.9.26 v2 Caused Bootloop on Redmi 5a

    Hi I flahsed the last beta but it caused bootloop on my Redmi 5A and I am trying to go back to V1 . Please fix this issue
  18. D

    A terrible mistake: deleted my ROM on Mi 9T

    Hello everyone, I got my phone unlocked, SW did a full wipe, then I flashed TWRP which showed weird file names. I looked into the problem and they say it's because the phone is encrypted. Okay, no problem, I deleted the usuals (at least I thought), but before that I copied the latest MIUI.EU...
  19. S

    Invalid "Find Device Closed Unexpectedly" BOOTLOOP

    ever since i changed to, i got this "bootloop" like 5-7 times a day. when youre playing games, watch youtube, it can reboot anywhen. after the device booted again, it says "Find device closed unexpectedly". are there any way to fix this? Using Mi MIX 2
  20. mertcanekiz

    Stuck at logo/Bootloop with locked bootloader

    My Redmi Note 6 Pro Global version just rebooted itself out of nowhere and now its showing MI logo and rebooting every 3-5 seconds. I didn't unlock bootloader and had MIUI 10 latest stable version installed. I can still enter fastboot mode. What can I do to fix this?