1. P

    Bootlooped redmi note 9s

    Hello everyone. The redmi note 9s phone, there was a default global firmware for three years, suddenly the phone fell into a bootloop. What was he doing: Through mi pc suite, I installed miui_CURTANAGlobal_V12.5.5.0.RJWMIXM_bf1b7512cd_11.0 from the off-site, the problem is not solved. I tried...
  2. Blltz

    Bootloop after using Dual Apps

    I've been using MIUI 14 Stable for months and didn't have any major problem until I tried using Dual Apps and it cause the device to bootloop ASAP. After some researching I found that dual apps might be the issue so I try to remove it with TWRP recovery since I can't just remove dual apps with...
  3. D

    New Xiaomi Bootloop

    Hello, I am the owner of a Xiaomi 13 which in March was involved in a wrong update released by Xiaomi which put the smartphone in a bootloop situation. From what I understand an update released by Xiaomi via MIUI GetApps, with which a new plugin for the interface would be released. It seems...
  4. FurriousFox

    New [MARBLE] Bootloop after upgrading to HyperOS (logcat included)

    After upgrading my phone (marble) to HyperOS (OS1.0.2.0.UMRCNXM) it kept bootlooping forever, first taking a few minutes on the POCO logo and then a few minutes on the HYPEROS logo with the three animated dots at the bottom. I have tried flashing multiple times using fastboot (computer, windows...
  5. Y

    Phone stuck on recovery mode and bootloop

    hi guys, i have a Redmi Note 12S and randomly yesterday i grabbed it and noticed that the screen was black. then i tried to reboot it and the option "turn off" - "reboot" were showing in an unusual ui, similar to android kitkat. after rebooting it just got stuck in a loop where it gets to the...
  6. R

    Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G(sweet_k6a) softbrick

    Cant launch miui and dont know how to fix. After command fastboot erase system my phone now not booting into system, i already tryed to flash from fastboot and miflash, even twrp/ofox, still not working. Device is only with "a" partition, bootloader unlocked, phone responds to pc and boots fine...
  7. P


    Hello, I found a good launcher. I will uninstall com.miu.home. I want to know the energy consumption. Bootloop?
  8. Y

    Stuck on bootloop and can't reset because fastboot screen loading forever

    My phone suddenly turned off and whenever I try to turn it on then it just bootloops. I'm trying to get into the fastboot menu but it just loads forever. Can I do something about this?
  9. N

    I really need some help.

    I'm pretty sure someone else has asked this before, but since I'm showered with anxiety I need some help directly. My phone (Redmi Note 7) has been stuck in a bootloop saying "The system has been destroyed". I tried to flash it but the bootloader is locked. Is there any way I can open it with my...
  10. yawnrock

    Redmi Note 9 Stuck bootlooping after installing TWRP.

    Hello. My Redmi Note 9 is bootlooping after installing this TWRP image found here. I am trying to get back into fastboot but no matter what I do, I cannot get into fastboot. Help is appreciated. The bootloader is unlocked. I had MIUI 13 before TWRP install.
  11. G

    Is it possible to backup data before mi unlock with phone in bootloop?

    I have the situation that my Redmi note 10 pro is stuck in bootloop. I think it was a forced restart while charging and possibly updating. I only know I left the phone to charge and I found it in bootloop. The recovery screen is visible only and "reboot" and "safe mode" gets me back to the...
  12. D

    Mi Note 10 Lite Stuck on Bootloop

    Hello everyone, It will be a bit long to explain but I don't want to miss any points. So I've been having problems for the last week, started with my front camera not working anymore and yesterday but back camera did too. I thought I would just try restarting the phone again, maybe that would...
  13. P

    Bootloop all of sudden. Wiped everything, now stuck in Mi Account Unlock with no keyboard and bootloops!

    Hello to everyone! I have this super weird issue that happened out of the blue on a completely stock Mi 10T 5G (Non-Pro). So let me set the stage. I was just trying to set-up a mobile hotspot. The phone crashed. I restarted the phone and it booted to a black screen that nothing showed except...
  14. mr ash

    Redmi 10 2022 sudden Fastboot bootloop device bricked.

    Hello all. I purchased a Redmi 10 2022 for my daughter 6 months a go. recently when the device has been going onto charge my daughter brought it to me asking for help since it was in fastboot mode. I used to do a lot of flashing/custom roms/ modding years a go so i know what fastboot is and...
  15. I

    Unable to use backup in MI Phone Assistant

    Hello, recently I've had my phone just stop working and stuck in a bootloop. I want to send it to the technician's so I can get it working, however that basically completely eliminates an option to see my data ever again, what's worse, I have my bootloader locked, so I'm unable to use any fancy...
  16. G

    I'm in a bootloo`and I can't enter into fastboot mode

    Hello. First, I'm spanish, so my english is bad, sorry. Last week, I tried to flash my phone's ROM, but it didn't work and I got into a bootloop. At that time, I was able to get into fastboot mode, but when trying to run the command "fastboot boot recovery.img" to get into twrp, I got an error...
  17. E

    TWRP Bootloop / Can't flash to V12.5.2

    Hello, [What I want] I want to flash my beloved MI 9T (with the popup-camera) from Stock-Rom MIUI 12.1.1 to 12.5.2. My phone has an unlocked bootloader, but is not rooted. [the problem] After flashing TWRP and xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK20MI9T_V12.5.2.0.RFJCNXM_v12-11.img, I am always caught...
  18. P

    Mi 11 ultra bootloop after freez

    Hello, I had the custom EU Rom version 13.0.12 installed for a while now. But today my phone randomly froze and shutdown. I tried to start it but I only came a few seconds into the booting process, and it always ended with strange color errors with the mi logo and a short green flash at the end...
  19. M

    How to get logfile when phone stucks on bootloop?

    Hello. I flashed the Redmi Note 11 pro+ 5g with the test rom and it stucks on bootloop. So i want to know if it's possible to get a logfile while phone stucks on bootloop... Logcat says ,,wainting for device,,! It would be glad when someone knows a way to get a logfile :) Sorry for my bad english...
  20. I

    Mi10t PRO bootloop out of the blue

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, I can't seem to find a section where to introduce myself therefore I guess it's not mandatory, if it is please tell me. I've tried searching for a solution all over the forum but can't seem to find one. A couple of days ago I was camping. Before going to sleep I...