1. Whateveristic

    New Miui 11 9.9.26 v2 Caused Bootloop on Redmi 5a

    Hi I flahsed the last beta but it caused bootloop on my Redmi 5A and I am trying to go back to V1 . Please fix this issue
  2. Q

    Redmi 6 brick

    After Xiaomi released their new policy to EDL authentification for testpoint flashing and restrictions in flashing global firmware on chinese device (bootlooping after locking bootloader on a global firmware to Recovery with «This version of MIUI can be installed» + ARB bricked devices). Dear...
  3. D

    A terrible mistake: deleted my ROM on Mi 9T

    Hello everyone, I got my phone unlocked, SW did a full wipe, then I flashed TWRP which showed weird file names. I looked into the problem and they say it's because the phone is encrypted. Okay, no problem, I deleted the usuals (at least I thought), but before that I copied the latest MIUI.EU...
  4. S

    Invalid "Find Device Closed Unexpectedly" BOOTLOOP

    ever since i changed to, i got this "bootloop" like 5-7 times a day. when youre playing games, watch youtube, it can reboot anywhen. after the device booted again, it says "Find device closed unexpectedly". are there any way to fix this? Using Mi MIX 2
  5. mertcanekiz

    Stuck at logo/Bootloop with locked bootloader

    My Redmi Note 6 Pro Global version just rebooted itself out of nowhere and now its showing MI logo and rebooting every 3-5 seconds. I didn't unlock bootloader and had MIUI 10 latest stable version installed. I can still enter fastboot mode. What can I do to fix this?
  6. HexEdition

    New Mi 8 Explorer TWRP issues

    Hello, I do need your help guys! I've been using my Mi8 Explorer running the latest rom since the very beginning I own it and since the 15th of January's update, I cannot update it on Android 9 at all. I mean, I can't use this update :/ I also tried the bêta rom but it doesn't work...
  7. P

    mi 8 bootloop

    Hello, I bought a mi8 with open bootloader and tried to install rom. Now I'm stuck in the 'powered by android' boot screen. How I installed the rom: 1. installed TWRP_dipper via fastboot 2. wiped the phone 3. Copied this 'xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_V10.2.2.0.PEACNXM_v10-9.zp' to the internal...
  8. kenny7luv

    Can't install EU Rom on Mi 8 UD (equuleus) !

    -Device is unlocked bootloader and install twrp in topic -Wipe dalvik cache, data, cache, system & flash EU Rom Beta 9.1.24... But device can't boot & bootloop. P/S : Installed EU Rom :)
  9. P

    Xiaomi Mi8 stuck on BootLoop!

    Hi, I got a Mi8 that is stuck on bootloop. I bought the phone on ******* and it came with Chinese rom, so when the global miui eu rom was release I flashed my phone with it and it all went perfectly. I still used it for a while but then I decided to sell the phone as I had gotten a new one...
  10. G

    HELP NEEDED: Mi8 Bootloop using TWRP 3-2-3 & Global MIUI 10

    Hi, I bought I MI8 Chinese version a week ago. I was able to "successfully" unlock it with the goal of installing the Global ROM. I found a set of instructions online () and followed step by step all instructions: Unlock the phone using the MiFlash Tool Download the ADB Downloaded TWRP 3-2-3...
  11. N

    Bootloop everytime i flash rom

    Hello everyone I have an xiaomi mi 6 ceramic and is running miui 10 8.7.5 global beta, twrp and supersu. I purchased global edition. Every time i try flash whit any rom from i got bootloop. I want so bad run this roms but cant install. All my steps are Twrp Install Restart. And...
  12. B

    Minotepro Bootloop After 8.2 To 9.1 Update, Unable To Unlock Bl

    Hi, My MiNotePro had " MIUI 6..." on Android 5.1.1 and decided to try MIUI 9. I read [thread 42205] that I need to install latest MIUI on 5.1.1 before updating to Android 7.0. I tried to install "xiaomi.eu_multi_8.2.1.0-5.1" through Updater app but failed, same also in MiRecovery. So...
  13. W

    [bottloop] Miui 9 Beta 7.8.17 Don't Work In Mi4c

    Can someone help me? I can not install miui 9 beta, my mi4c is installed on miui 8.1.2 stable with android 5.1, I installed rom via TWRP with the necessary wipes, but the cell phone goes into bootloop, so I installed miui 8.1.2 again. How do i install miui 9 beta correctly?
  14. H

    Mi5 Prime Permanent Bootloop, Please Help

    Hi, My Mi5 was running on 7.3.23 Rom. It restarted itself and then stuck on bootloop. Device is unlocked and I can enter Fastboot, TWRP or EDL mode. I tried Official Dev/Stable roms and Dev/Stable roms. I flashed via usb otg, twrp, adb sideload and miflash. Nothing changed...
  15. D

    New Redmi 4 Cannot Enter Into Twrp, Keep Booting

    Hi, after flash latest twrp ( for Redmi 4 (prada) i cant enter into because it keeps bootlooping. i hadnt problem like that with twrp found on but i couldnt flash rom, downloaded from here and china dev from official miui. I have China dev rom 7.5.4 flashed by miflash
  16. C

    Problem At Redmi Pro 3/64 After Used Maui Meta (bootloop)

    1-Phone Reciving 06/April/2017 after unboxing power on and update 8.1.2 stable rom finish update >lost imei phone 2-You are using program (Maui META ver 9.1604.02.00) after finish edit Imei phone is dead >>>show mi logo and restart 3-i did something flash via sp flash version (5.1636 / 5.1708 /...
  17. R

    No Boot - Redmi Note 4x

    Hello. Recently I bought a Xiaomi Note 4x from china. I unlocked the bootloader, flashed latest MIUI china developer and then TWRP and installed MIUI.EU 7.3.23 rom. First week no problem, then 7.3.30 came out and I installed it, no problems until last Thursday, the mobile phone started rebooting...
  18. Risuno

    Bricked Phone. Tried A Lot Of Stuff But Couldn't Fix It. Help Please :(

    Ok, I could imagine this is a tough one: I had problems with my GPS, so I wanted to get root access. Contacted Xiaomi to unlock my phone: worked fine. Next up to get it rooted, I installed a fresh version of the TWRP recovery, since the old one for some reason disappeared after I installed the...
  19. C

    Help Needed : Redmi 3s Prime Got Into Bootloop During The Ota Update

    Hi all, Help needed to recover my 3 months old Redmi 3S Prime which is in bootloop after the OTA update, My sis using that mobile. We have lot of images and data in that, Please help me to recover the data, and help to solve the bootloop issue. I have attached 2 images(1st.jpg & 2nd.png) in...
  20. F

    Problem With Updating Ota Help!

    I have started the updating for my xiaomi redmi note 4 with global rom but he is in bootloop and I can't enter in recovery mode. What can I do? Please help Ciao a tutti, ho fatto partire il nuovo aggiornamento ota per il mio xiaomi redmi note 4 ma è entrato in bootloop e non posso entrare in...