How to have folders auto close after app launch

Dec 3, 2010
Hello everyone!

Sorry to post this here but I couldn't find a Feature Request forum anywhere... :confused:

Is it possible to have folders auto close after app launch?

I've seen this on other launchers (I think it was Launcher Pro) and it really makes the experience a lot better!

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Andy Thomson

Staff Developer
May 10, 2011
Andy, I'd like to do this mod myself. Would you post instructions or a quick how-to, if you don't mind?
Here you go..

Decompile Launcher2.apk
Open \com\android\launcher2\UserFolder.smali

Look for the Method "onItemClick"

Paste the code below at the end of the Method just before the "goto :goto_0" statement.

Recompile and push to /system/app

You may notice that you lose any Widgets that you had on your Desktop. I went into Manage Applications, selected Launcher2 from the list and cleared the data. That restored my desktop back to how it was. But you can always just add the missing Widgets back in again manually if that's easier.

Hope this helps??

.line 166
iget-object v1, p0, Lcom/android/launcher2/UserFolder;->mLauncher:Lcom/android/launcher2/Launcher;

invoke-virtual {v1, p0}, Lcom/android/launcher2/Launcher;->closeFolder(Lcom/android/launcher2/Folder;)Z