Have you observed any issues with apps after applying root + Magisk + PlayIntegrityFix ?


Oct 18, 2023
Hello everyone,

After the recent, not very positive experience with Google Wallet/Pay problems on Xiaomi.eu roms (because Google changed the rules), I considered all options as to which ROM would be best for me and I was very close to switching to the original Chinese one and relocking my bootloader, but I stopped becasue I discovered/read that then I would not have Android Auto anymore and to me it's even more important than Google Pay as it's irreplace'able.

For this reason, I am currently considering root + Magisk for stable, but first I would like to find out whether this will not cause any further problems, whch I do not want nor need.

Thus a few questions to you folks.
Has anyone tried Magisk + PlayIntegrityFix on stable??
What're your impressions? Do all your banking or similar apps work e.g. Revolut and other apps that detect root??
Have you noticed any apps stop working due to root/Magisk??

Please share your experiences. I've read that not everything works for everyone, but let's gather your impressions in this thread.