How to install a language pack?


Feb 23, 2011
I know im probably going to be given s**t for asking this, you know the kind "you shouldnt even flash a rom if you dont know how to install a language pack" but i tried flashing the language pack, rebooted and everything was still in Chinese, so if you dont flash it through recovery, how do you install it?
maybe you flashed a wrong language pack.....i dont know but a language pack is flashed just as a rom through recovery...wipe and try again!
If you're just starting out: full wipe, flash Chinese pack and then the language pack without rebooting in the middle of the process.

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Cheers fellas, just tried again, flashed the rom then the language pack straight after without rebooting and its worked a treat, thanks for the help, muchos appreciation.
So, if I installed the new rom, but didn't install the language pack at the same time, do I have to go through the whole process again (wipe - reinstall the rom, then the language pack)?? If so, ooops.