How to install ROM for devices A/B

sorry for asking too much , but according to the getdroidstips link :

seems they link to (( moonstone )) TWRP , and i dont find moonstone associated with any device from the link in the first post , so can this be used ?
Im afraid of fastboot method as i bricked my f3 before , hard brick , dont know the reason why it happened , but i dont want fastboot method as much as possible
I already answered you once. You can't use TWRP designed for other devices !!
moonstone = Poco X5 5G
redwood = Poco X5 Pro 5G

You can have a look here.
Any ROM that is designed for your device. It is your choice whether to choose the Weekly or Stable version.

Xiaomi 13 = FUXI
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Please can the TWRP in the link on how to install walk on any redmi device too? I have redmi note 12 4g tapas global device and I want to flash Xiaomi EU rom on it.

I have a redmi note 12 5g with 14 stable rom installed with the fastmode scripts. Perfect!
I followed gogocar62's instructions.
I used last current twrp toolkit hybrid and three differents twrp for this device, but not twrp is installed

And typing first
[AB]_boot_twrp.bat script but, twrp isn´t installed.

Second note. I have not tried using this other script
Because I want to avoid briclking te device Can you get me out of this doubt. I do not want to cause a crash.

Is it necessary to install the two scripts for this device and what is their order of use, for the installation to be successful?

Thanks for your help
And you are sure that you install the correct TWRP, for your Note 12 and nothing else?
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You have it written in the table. Your device is A/B without a dedicated recovery partition.
That's why you use an (A/B) script.

If you use manual terminal commands to install, proceed as follows.
Devices with Boot as Recovery (A/B):
These devices don't have a dedicated partition for recovery.
The recovery ramdisk resides in the "boot_a" and "boot_b" partitions.
A shared kernel is used for both the system and the recovery.
Due to that, you should never flash a custom recovery image directly to the "boot_a" and/or "boot_b" partitions. If you do that, the system will fail to boot.

Platforms: Snapdragon 678/680/695/778G/778G+/780G/870/888/888+
Devices: alioth, haydn, lisa, mona, moonstone, munch, odin, psyche, redwood(in), renoir, spes(n), star/mars, sunny, sunstone, taoyao, thyme, venus, veux/peux, vili
Image size: 192 MiB (201,326,592 bytes), or 96/128 MiB (100,663,296/134,217,728 bytes) for low-mid devices

fastboot boot recovery.img
In the recovery interface: Advanced -> Install Recovery Ramdisk
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if you have a file named twrp.img you need to type
fastboot boot twrp.img

Did you do it that way?
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Hello friend.
Excuse my ignorance, but can you or someone tell me if this rom works on the moto g32?

I thank!
It's been a long time since I last updated my ROM. Currently, I have version v13.0.12.0 on my Mars device. After reading through a lot of information on this forum, I've become a bit confused. I'm not certain about the steps to update my ROM without losing all my data on the device.
I would be grateful for some assistance
Update instructions are in the first post. Choose an update method.