How to install your saved "Backup Theme"?


Jul 30, 2011
After you finally get your theme just the way you like it, you select "Backup Theme" in theme manger, how do you go about installing it.
Lets say you change a few things and you want to convert back to your save backup theme, I don't see the option...
1. go to the backup app
2. tap on the back up that you want to use
3. select the apps & system settings you want to restore (either by selecting individually or selecting the circle next to the "system" and "applications" heading).
4. tap on "restore" at the very bottom
5. wait a few minutes and BAM you've got your settings back
They were talking about only backing up a theme that you saved thru miui theme backup i dont think the system bavkup is connected to the theme backup

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Yea guys, I am talking about loading a saved theme that you already saved using Backup Theme. In another thread someone mentioned that you select menu and hit import and locate it on SD card (Miui>theme>backup) and select the theme you saved.

Thanks for the replies
once you've back up the theme... just look for the theme named "Default Theme".. that should be your previous backup theme.
Ok I saved a couple of times and was wondering why I had a couple of themes named Default. Make sense,,,,thanks. Will try it...