How To Properly Say "miui"?


Dec 6, 2010
How do you pronounce "Miui"? I say it like "moo-wee". This awesome ROM deserves to be pronounced properly.

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This whole time I've said ma-yoo-ee haha just sounds cute

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Well I realized that, but you you don't say "N" "A" "S" "A" for NASA. So I guess I'll keep saying it as "Moo-Wee" haha. To each his own I guess.
I guess I've been saying 'me ew ee' but fast... I'll have to go to bamboo garden and ask one of my chinese brethren.

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I've always called it "MEEE-YOU-EEE", like the sound a really cute little kitten would make.

OK, I just barfed. Sorry!
I pronounce it M I U I

Me too and thanks Mark for telling us something most were probably too embarassed to ask, me included.

Never could get a google answer and if mentioned somewhere else, never saw it.