htc Desire GPS/Data problem

Robert Braun

Jun 7, 2012
I have a htc Desire and running a MIUI 2.4.13 and I notice every time when I start up a GPS a Data service is started also and make a traffic? Is this is a necessary? When I used 'official' htc ROM, there wasn't a problem with that, data wasn't starting up together with GPS. And I use a same programs as before.
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Data & GPS work hand in hand 99% of the time. HTC must of hid that from you. GPS can triangulate, but it cannot load maps or do anything more.

Thats why you can't get GPS in the middle of no where. This is phone GPS, not like a Garmin GPS.
I know that. In the moment I use offline navigator for a Car navigation. And it for sure don't need a Data for navigation, all maps are already in Desire
I'm also having this issue (As well as I haven't been able to detect any GPS using my HTC) and although I'm quite new to MIUI and Custom ROM's world, I think that's because you may have enabled AGPS.

Go to preferences/location/GPS and make sure you don't have AGPS enabled if you don't want to have data started whenever you use GPS.