New HTC Desire S [3.5.17] - Keyboard issue


May 19, 2013
Hi there, I don't know if it has been reported or not (I have searched along the forums and did not find it) but (at least) on my HTC Desire S, the last 3.5.17 ROM fails from start with the "android.keyboard has stopped working" continuously... no way to hide it and to make it work.
I could install another keyboard for it (via apk on the SD card) and quickly via file explorer and ... it works perfect now ...
I can work with the non-android keyboard, I just wanted to report it if someone else has this problem.

By the way I can say about MIUI ROM (it is the first time I install it on my device) it is just AWESOME, EXCELLENT, BRILLIANT...

Even Desire S it is not official for it, I must say only good words, I like my "old" device and want to have it with this ROM.

Great job guys, simply great and brilliant work.