HTC One M7 camera issue

Jul 21, 2012
Hi, please I have problem with my One about camera, I have latest firmware and I can´t use MIUI ROM. I think that FW is newer than MIUI ROM need, all things working fine except camera app and 3rd party camera apps. MIUI ROM is 4.2.2 Android version, now I am using 4.4 other ROM and camera is working like on stock ROM. Nobody could help me out with it and on xda are about another 3 people with this problem but they do not knw for now where it is, just I am thinking that there is problem with FW. For now MIUI is Sense based. I tried 4.3 Android version ROMs and there is this problem too. Can somebody help me or give me some contact on some guy who is porting MIUI for One?