New HyperOS (STABLE) inbuilt updater issue - Mi 14 Ultra (Aurora)


May 10, 2024
I tried to use the built in updater, this failed as I have the standard recovery that the device came with (I don't believe there is a custom recovery for Aurora yet?) and did the update manually via fastboot.

All works fine, but now on every boot my device tries to go back to the recovery to perform the (failed) update (even though I'm on the latest version).

Is there anyway to stop my device from doing this as I'm currently having to do fastboot continue on every boot (meaning another device with me)?

I've attempted to delete/remove the update file but it's still trying to go to Recovery and then Fastboot when that fails. I then have to run "fastboot continue" to get the device to boot. If I'm about and about and need to restart for any reason I'm screwed... Any ideas?


Mi 14 Ultra - AURORA