i got my xiaomi mi 9 pro 5g seven months ago i have black screen


Jun 28, 2020
hey i got xiamoi mi 9 pro 5g and tried to boot it or whatever used it in usa for few days than went black
tried to do the fast boot thing and now again black screen and this time cant see anything bottems work
i can connect it to pc
and if i want to do anything with fast boot i cant because screen is black i
i moved to the philliphins didnt use the phone since than and now i want to know if its fixible
can some one help ?
thanks guys


Dec 26, 2018
If the phone is active but just the screen is not working, you may be able to operate it using one of the several screen mirroring apps that are available. I use scrcpy on Linux, but there are also Windoze apps.