i want rom miui for Samaung Galaxy Tab 7 P1000 :(

We don't have that phone. Sorry. I don't even know what that is. Can you link me to that device forum on XDA?
I am also looking for MIUI to flash my Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab. I have seen an 'alleged' rom elsewhere which will apparently work but by all accounts there were still many bugs to be fixed, I think it has been put together by someone over on xda. What I couldn't figure out was exactly which version of MIUI it was (GB or ICS) and the bugs bothered me too.
I have just installed Cyanogen 9 RC1 onto it and that is working flawlessly but would still rather have a nice build of MIUI on there. By far the best custom rom out there in my opinion.
Any chance of this happening :)