I'm new and I need help with folders


Jul 22, 2011
I like clean home screens and since there is no app drawer I would like to group my apps (games,messaging...etc) by folder, the only problem is when I create a folder , it shows the same folder i created from before with the same apps inside.Again I am super new to MIUI (I'm coming from Liquid rom) so please help me.Also if someone could point me to an online manual or something like that I would be forever grateful.
#1 Stop using larger and obnoxiously colored font... Please...

#2 This is a recent bug in MIUI, the workaround is to either FC the launcher app after every folder you create to force it to reload, or reboot your whole phone after every folder you created; or so I've read.

I haven't updated MIUI in over a month so I have not had this bug affect me yet, but I do suspect there is an even easier way to avoid this bug. Just clear data and cache for the launcher app to begin customizing your home screens from a fresh start, then create as many fresh empty folders all at once that you think you will need before dropping any app into any folder. After creating as many empty folders you want/need, proceed to customize your home screens to whatever you would like.

Again, I have not updated MIUI in over a month now so I am not 100% sure that my workaround theory will work, but you can give it a try before going through the already known workaround that is quite a bit more work.
I'm pretty sure the latest build 1.7.22 fixes this problem. I made folders with no problem.