IMILAB EC2 Monitoring & Human Detection issue


Aug 7, 2020

I have just installed 4x EC2 cameras paired to 1 gateway with 64g microsd card. Using iOS Xiaomi Home app

I have 2 issues

1. Monitoring - when i get a notification and checked the 'All Cameras' monitoring page and it showed an empty page (attached screen). The only time i get to see any recording is when I go to Playback of specific camera, so it's a bit painful to guess which area has detected motion. So question is how do I get the monitoring page to behave as it should be and basically useful


2. Human Detection - it's not picking up human movement when i have motion turned off, and when I have motion turned on, it only picked up motion and not really telling me if it's human or motion. Again any help on this will be great.

Many thanks.