IMILAB EC2 Wireless Camera Gateway - no devices found


Dec 10, 2021
Hello Forum Users

I purchased 2 IMILAB Security Camera with IMILAB EC2 Gateway.
I connected successfully the 2 Camera's to the gateway and was able watch booth camera remotly using mi-home app.

After few month i had to recharge one of my camera and after recharge i could not connect her again to the EC2 GATEWAY.
i tried several times to connect with no luck.
Then i deleted my device from my mi-home and power-off and power-on the EC2 Gateway but after doing so The situation became worse. from this point the EC2 Gateway when power-on the orange light turn-on for a 30 Seconds then turn off totally with no light indicator at all. and after 20 minutes a blue light indicator turn on for 20 c and turn off again.
for at least few hours and then blue light indicator turn-on again for 20 Seconds and so on..

as you understand from above details that now i cannot use my cameras at all. any one has the same problem as i? any one know how to fix it?

Appreciate your answer