Install EU rom from pixel experience no twrp


Dec 17, 2022
I want to install Xiaomi eu in my poco f3, this Is my second device installing the rom, i am currently in pixel experience and their Custom recovery (so no twrp or orange Fox, etc) i tried installing permanently twrp, but i got all sorts of errors when trying to install the rom, like error 1 (recording to Google this it's because a corrupt downloaded rom, but i tried a different one and still got the error), so i want it to know if i am missing something or should i prep the phone in a different way, Any advice and response would ve appreciated.
Hey bro.. did you found solution?

I also faced to this problem and I flashed official global rom via fastboot and then installed eu rom..

*** Note :- Newly released eu rom also support hybrid installation method.. so you can just install eu rom via fastboot method