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  1. spikespaz02

    Magisk 23 patched boot.img not working on 21.11.12 for POCO F3

    I have flashed the latest MIUI 12 Weekly version 21.11.12 Beta via fastboot. I extracted the boot.img from the update package's images directory, transferred it to the phone, and patched it with the Magisk app. I returned the patched image to te computer, and flashed it to boot_a and boot_b with...
  2. S


    How can I edit mixer_paths.xml for boost sound for Poco F3, after edited ,it back to original value
  3. N

    Poco F3 Update from Android 11 to 12

    So i have the weekly beta installed (21.9.17) on my Poco F3 and the Update that is out now (21.11.3) is for Android 12, but im a bit lost on how to install it. Since TWRP does not work, how am i able to install it ? (I know i need to install it via Fastboot but a Guide on how to do so would be...
  4. F

    Android 12 - camera quality issue on POCO F3

    So I am running 21.11.3 on poco f3 and I have noticed that the camera seems to be somewhat blurry and low quality compared to earlier A11 versions. When shooting in Raw there is definitely much less detail than before, and normal shots seem very overprocessed when zoomed in, even with visible...
  5. B

    Poco F3

    Probably the most disappointing thing about the Poco F3 is it's camera. I knew it was going to be not good but this is really bad. This is something for Xiaomi to tackle but does anyone here know if Xiaomi plans to address the camera? Does Xiaomi.eu have the tools and expertise to tackle this...
  6. K

    Invalid POCO F3 Language

    Hi there. I have a problem that the language in the menu is not Hungarian everywhere. This problem is present in both stable and weekly software. Can anyone help me fix this? (present in several places but I didn't want to attach them all)
  7. P

    New upper speaker does not work

    On my poco f3, xiaomi.eu 12.5.6 sometimes the upper speaker stops working, that is, if they close the ear I hear it very low, even try to disable and enable the dolby atmos does not resolve, but it resolves after a while, I think it's a system bug, could someone help me to fix it?
  8. T

    Processing photos POCO F3 third parties apps

    Hello comunity. I've just purcharsed a POCO F3 and I'm really pleased with the general performance of the terminal, except for just one thing, the MIUI stock ROM, which had a lot of bloatware, had an issue that's p****ng me a bit. When I try to take photos with apps whose have an integrated...
  9. B

    Xiaomi EU OTA Updates

    Recently flashed my Poco F3 over to Xiaomi EU Rom Just today I received a notice that a new update is available and I downloaded it. I was hoping this would just be a matter of letting it update itself after the download, but now I am reading that I need to use TWRP to update it. Can anyone...
  10. W

    New System lagging since 12.5.5 update (alioth)

    Hello. I have no problem at all using the stable 12.5.4 Rom. When I updated to 12.5.5 the system starts to lag, the lock and unlock sounds take over 4 secconds to play after I lock or unlock my screen... The configs are laggy too, they take over 2 sec to open any setting page. When the 12.5.6...
  11. S

    Invalid Instagram and Twitch crash Poco F3 latest stable

    Instagram and Twitch immediately close when launching them. Cannot sign in or use the apps. Poco F3 MIUI (latest stable)
  12. X

    no boot to system after flashing xiaomi.eu rom

    Hi I have the problem with my unlocked Poco F3.I flashed TWRP throught fastboot and load the twrp.img to the phone and install it via "install recovery ramdisk". everything is fine. reboot to twrp than install the weekly (or the stable) version for my Poco F3 (for example...
  13. K

    New [not a bug] POCO F3 Bluetooth headest status missing in notification bar

    When a bluetooth headest is connected, a status icon should be displayed in notification bar near the "bluetooth enabled" icon. But it is missing Hpwever, the icon is visible if I drop down the switches panel. Tested on 12.5.12 and 12.5.20 I guess it has something to do with front camera...
  14. K

    New POCO F3 Won't play custom ringtone on incoming call

    Hi! I'm trying to set custom ringtone for incoming calls. I can successfully add it to ringtone selector, preview it and select it.. But on incoming call the default MI theme is played back instead. Any built-in ringtone works ok. Tried mp2 and ogg files. The same problem is for both SIMs...
  15. S

    For people that ordered poco f3 from the Ali site we don't talk about

    How long did yours take to ship/process?