poco f3

  1. Blood3rn

    Invalid Problems with LHDC

    Poco F3, A12 22.3.23. Headphones Xiaomi Air 2 Pro, last firmware. When switching to the developer menu, "LHDC Audio Codec quality" does not allow you to set above 400. That is, when switching to 900, it is enough to re-enter the developer menu, puts it at 400. On the 4PDA forum, I met a person...
  2. I

    New POCO F3 4g connection problem

  3. JimmyR

    POCO F3. Banking apps on stable Xiaomi.eu ROM with MIUI 13.

    In my POCO F3 I have the global ROM, in most of the pages and videos that I have consulted they mention that installing Xiaomi.eu greatly improves the different sections of the device, so I want to proceed to install this ROM in its latest stable version with MIUI 13. But I am concerned that I...
  4. L

    New 'Unknown number' for every incoming call on my POCO F3 running MIUI 12.6 .EU ROM

    Hello all, Recently, I've changed from the global ROM to an .EU ROM on my POCO F3 (alioth) as I heard that it was a much improved version of MIUI. The ROM I'm using currently is MIUI 12.6 by Xiaomi EU 21.12.8 Beta on Android 12. And though it truly is much lighter with no useless bloats...
  5. K

    Is it okay to upgrade to MIUI 13 without wiping the data? [Poco F3]

    I want to upgrade to MIUI 13 from the last MIUI 12, but it's a hassle for me to wipe the data then redownload all the apps that I had on my phone (specially with the slow internet). Is it ok for me to directly install MIUI 13 without wiping the data using TWRP? Or are there methods to easily...
  6. M

    POCO F3 fastboot update to MIUI13 stable not work

    I click setup, cmd is blank not everything change ,what happened?
  7. R

    New Bootloop with MIUI 13 for Poco F3 (Redmi K40) WEEKLY 21.12.30

    I just installed MIUI 13 by fastboot and at the end of the configuration wizard the PERMISSIONS application stops and the smartphone constantly restarts. The script that I have run to install the rom by fastboot is windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.bat. I have repeated the...
  8. S

    *SOLVED* Poco F3 fastboot not working.

    Tried to update my F3 to the new weekly MIUI 13, and I think I failed miserably. Was at MIUI 12 Stable. Tried to just install with TWRP obviously didn't work since it's not even in the instructions. After that I did the /data wipe and tried to boot into Fastboot to install new miui and maybe...
  9. G


    Hi all just want to ask, i just flashed from Stock Global to EU ROM a while ago, i just notice that my about phone now reads my phone as a Redmi instead of a Poco F3. i double checked the zip that i downloaded it's for Poco F3, so just want to know if did i mess something up during flashing or...
  10. K

    Contacts and Dialer/Phone and Messaging app are not working properly (MIUI 12.5 Stable ROM, Poco F3)

    I've installed MIUI 12.5 Stable ROM on my Poco F3 last week and found that I have issues with xiaomi.eu 12.5. On the Phone app, the contacts under contacts tab is always stuck in "Contact list is being updated", so I can't import my .vcf file that contains all my contacts. Also, I don't see any...
  11. K

    I can't find the zip file of Xiaomi.eu rom in TWRP (Poco F3)

    Hello, I'm new to installing xiaomi.eu rom and I'm having a slight problem with the installation process. I followed the short guide under the stable ROMs post and I'm stuck at the part where I need to locate the zip file in my phone's internal storage via TWRP. I double checked that it's in the...
  12. W

    Question about an error during after installing Xiaomi EU ROM via TWRP

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi POCO F3 (alioth). Today, I've installed latest xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK40_POCOF3_V12.5.18.0.RKHCNXM_v12-11 via latest TWRP 3.6.0. Before the installation, I've also used an option "Format Data" in the Advanced tab of TWRP. However, at the end of the installation, I've got...
  13. spikespaz02

    Magisk 23 patched boot.img not working on 21.11.12 for POCO F3

    I have flashed the latest MIUI 12 Weekly version 21.11.12 Beta via fastboot. I extracted the boot.img from the update package's images directory, transferred it to the phone, and patched it with the Magisk app. I returned the patched image to te computer, and flashed it to boot_a and boot_b with...
  14. S


    How can I edit mixer_paths.xml for boost sound for Poco F3, after edited ,it back to original value
  15. N

    Poco F3 Update from Android 11 to 12

    So i have the weekly beta installed (21.9.17) on my Poco F3 and the Update that is out now (21.11.3) is for Android 12, but im a bit lost on how to install it. Since TWRP does not work, how am i able to install it ? (I know i need to install it via Fastboot but a Guide on how to do so would be...
  16. F

    Android 12 - camera quality issue on POCO F3

    So I am running 21.11.3 on poco f3 and I have noticed that the camera seems to be somewhat blurry and low quality compared to earlier A11 versions. When shooting in Raw there is definitely much less detail than before, and normal shots seem very overprocessed when zoomed in, even with visible...
  17. B

    Poco F3

    Probably the most disappointing thing about the Poco F3 is it's camera. I knew it was going to be not good but this is really bad. This is something for Xiaomi to tackle but does anyone here know if Xiaomi plans to address the camera? Does Xiaomi.eu have the tools and expertise to tackle this...
  18. K

    Invalid POCO F3 Language

    Hi there. I have a problem that the language in the menu is not Hungarian everywhere. This problem is present in both stable and weekly software. Can anyone help me fix this? (present in several places but I didn't want to attach them all)
  19. P

    New upper speaker does not work

    On my poco f3, xiaomi.eu 12.5.6 sometimes the upper speaker stops working, that is, if they close the ear I hear it very low, even try to disable and enable the dolby atmos does not resolve, but it resolves after a while, I think it's a system bug, could someone help me to fix it?
  20. T

    Processing photos POCO F3 third parties apps

    Hello comunity. I've just purcharsed a POCO F3 and I'm really pleased with the general performance of the terminal, except for just one thing, the MIUI stock ROM, which had a lot of bloatware, had an issue that's p****ng me a bit. When I try to take photos with apps whose have an integrated...