poco f3

  1. C

    New [MIUI 14 Beta] Intent Filter Verification Service

    This bug message keeps popping up and can't seem to find a solution for it, other beta users did not encounter such bug. I couldn't remember if the bug also persist before upgrade to MIUI 14 beta
  2. C

    Can I use fastboot to update if I use twrp?

    Ok so I use a Poco f3 and I have the latest miui 13 stable release downloaded which I downloaded on twrp. However I want to update to the new miui 14 weekly version but its a fastboot file. How will I go about downloading the file? can is till use twrp? or should I use fastboot. and will it need...
  3. J

    Install EU rom from pixel experience no twrp

    Hello, I want to install Xiaomi eu in my poco f3, this Is my second device installing the rom, i am currently in pixel experience and their Custom recovery (so no twrp or orange Fox, etc) i tried installing permanently twrp, but i got all sorts of errors when trying to install the rom, like...
  4. P

    Invalid control center transparent

    hello I have a problem on my POCO F3, on the notification drawer which is transparent, I tried the method of changing the type of control center but it did not work. I turned my phone back on and still the same, I need help!!!
  5. D


    Why the app updater show me this notification after update ROM?
  6. K

    INSANE Battery drain when Gallery/Camera App opened in background! Poco F3

    Sup guys, im having HUGE battery drain issues if gallery app is left open in the background, even while the phone is locked, the phone gets hot as well, im talking 10% in 5 minutes if left there. Ive even restricted background activity completley (prolly doesnt work) in manage apps, and...
  7. ebiPrm

    Time issue on Poco F3 and Huawei Watch GT3

    There is an issue with my Poco F3 and Huawei watch GT3. when I connect my watch to my Poco F3 phone it shows the incorrect time. for example, if it's 2:30 it shows 1:30. but when I connect it to other phones like Huawei or Samsung it goes back to normal. I contacted Huawei services and they...
  8. J


    Hi I update my poco f3 from 13.0.2 to 13.0.6, did clean flash but for some reason I'm having a poor ram magnament and also performance feels awful and my battery is draining like a F1 Car, lol. What should I do? I've checked everything and seems fine.
  9. kaziTuHiN

    New Unable to Shoot RAW Photos

    When i try to shoot RAW photos on my poco f3 device. It crashes. ROM: MIUI 13 by Xiaomi.eu [22.7.7 Beta] Edit: working perfectly afted 22.7.13 update Proof:
  10. S

    Hard-Bricked Poco F3. Won't boot into EDL.

    Hello peeps. My Poco F3 got hard bricked after update froze (was doing clean install of stable EU rom). Phone won't boot into any mode, and won't appear on pc. I've tried sorting the Test Pins 50 different ways and it still doesn't get picked up by the pc. Qualcomm Drivers are installed. Device...
  11. S

    [HELP] Poco F3 Bricked. Doesn't Boot.

    So I was updating to the newest weekly update of the eu Rom but something went wrong, and the update was stuck. After a bit I got it to work again, and decided to install the stable version instead of the weekly. It was not in the cards. That update/installation also froze, and now my phone is...
  12. S

    [HELP] Updating Poco F3 freezes mid update

    So it started flashing this uefisecapp_a thing and then decided not to, and is frozen/stuck there. Is it safe to close and restart? do I wait? what do I do? Any help is greatly appreciated (it's been "sending" for the past few minutes)
  13. J

    Invalid Ram on Poco F3/Redmi K40

    I installed xiaomi.eu and i notice that this rom consumes more ram than global stock i want to know if is that normal or is a bug
  14. Blood3rn

    Invalid Problems with LHDC

    Poco F3, A12 22.3.23. Headphones Xiaomi Air 2 Pro, last firmware. When switching to the developer menu, "LHDC Audio Codec quality" does not allow you to set above 400. That is, when switching to 900, it is enough to re-enter the developer menu, puts it at 400. On the 4PDA forum, I met a person...
  15. I

    New POCO F3 4g connection problem

  16. JimmyR

    POCO F3. Banking apps on stable Xiaomi.eu ROM with MIUI 13.

    In my POCO F3 I have the global ROM, in most of the pages and videos that I have consulted they mention that installing Xiaomi.eu greatly improves the different sections of the device, so I want to proceed to install this ROM in its latest stable version with MIUI 13. But I am concerned that I...
  17. L

    New 'Unknown number' for every incoming call on my POCO F3 running MIUI 12.6 .EU ROM

    Hello all, Recently, I've changed from the global ROM to an .EU ROM on my POCO F3 (alioth) as I heard that it was a much improved version of MIUI. The ROM I'm using currently is MIUI 12.6 by Xiaomi EU 21.12.8 Beta on Android 12. And though it truly is much lighter with no useless bloats...
  18. K

    Is it okay to upgrade to MIUI 13 without wiping the data? [Poco F3]

    I want to upgrade to MIUI 13 from the last MIUI 12, but it's a hassle for me to wipe the data then redownload all the apps that I had on my phone (specially with the slow internet). Is it ok for me to directly install MIUI 13 without wiping the data using TWRP? Or are there methods to easily...
  19. M

    POCO F3 fastboot update to MIUI13 stable not work

    I click setup, cmd is blank not everything change ,what happened?
  20. R

    New Bootloop with MIUI 13 for Poco F3 (Redmi K40) WEEKLY 21.12.30

    I just installed MIUI 13 by fastboot and at the end of the configuration wizard the PERMISSIONS application stops and the smartphone constantly restarts. The script that I have run to install the rom by fastboot is windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.bat. I have repeated the...