poco f3

  1. G

    Kitsune Magisk or Official Magisk 27.0?

    There are two different Magisk versions being referenced in this forum: - In the stick thread "Installing Magisk and Play Integrity Fix" the link points to the current official version, 27.0 by Topjohnwu; - In many posts, however, the Magisk referenced is the forked one from HuskyDG called...
  2. Blltz

    Bootloop after using Dual Apps

    I've been using MIUI 14 Stable for months and didn't have any major problem until I tried using Dual Apps and it cause the device to bootloop ASAP. After some researching I found that dual apps might be the issue so I try to remove it with TWRP recovery since I can't just remove dual apps with...
  3. P

    Phone shuts down on its own while battery is not drained.

    I don't really know if this problem is mainly due to the ROM, though I highly doubt it, or the device itself. I have a poco F3 and one week ago it started turning off randomly with the battery percentage usually at 40 to 50%. Sometimes when I turn the phone on, it goes back to the percentage...
  4. E

    Poco F3: upgrade MIUI 14 to HyperOS

    I see that we already have HyperOS stable for Poco F3. Thanks, xiaomi.eu people! I am not getting the upgrade on OTA, will it eventually come or I should follow another way to upgrade? Is it just download and install with TWRP? If anyone has done the upgrade I would appreciate some feedback...
  5. P

    Poco F3: Persistent Issue Despite Multiple Component Replacements

    I have a problem with my Poco F3, so I was wondering if someone had the exact same one and if you found a solution? There are two main problems that I'm facing and I'll explain everything in detail below: Phone is not being recognized by the PC or OTG Strange buzzing vibration The phone is...
  6. P

    Poco F3: Fingerprint option missing after Power button replacement

    I replaced the power button on my Poco F3 with an original one that I bought from someone selling spare parts from broken phones. Now, the fingerprint option is missing from the Settings, and when I go into the Hardware Test Menu (CIT) to test the Fingerprint sensor, it says "Unknown Fod sensor...
  7. truelutti

    Poco F3 in 2024

    Hello! So i have been happy with the xiaomi.eu roms before but since the support stopped for poco F3 i have kept getting more and more problems. Now i would like to ask if there are any ways to fix all of them or at least some. The phone is still good but some annoyances are sort of weird...
  8. F

    Poco F3 Black screen, glitching

    Hello, two days ago I started having problems with my Poco F3. The sceeen started initially randomly flickering, (for some reason especially when using Instagram), then after a few hours the screen was repeatedly just turning black, and then again working for a while, while the phone kept...
  9. H

    Does this custom ROM give 90 fps in pubg and other games for poco f3?

    Hello! I recently got interested in custom roms and installed it. But after using miui for 3+ years , I prefer miui over anything. The main reason I wanted to change the rom was for customization and unlock higher fps in games. But the question is does this rom also support unlocking (spoofing...
  10. R

    New Random 4G crash

    Hello, it's been 1 year since the 4G network of my Poco F3 crashes randomly, no correction with the update ?
  11. B

    Best macro camera

    Hello. Recently my Poco F3 got stolen and I am looking to buy a new phone. The only thing that is important to me is the macro camera, my poco was making the best macro pictures ever. I spent a few weeks now searching and I can't seem to find a website that can give me an accurate comparison of...
  12. D

    Phone died?Poco F3

    Phone Global 6/128 has been in use for almost 2 years! Yesterday it just rebooted and that's it! How can I fix this? Photo attached
  13. Sir_Mimisco

    Poco f3 font

    Is there a way I can change the entire font on poco f3 miui 14.0.7 just like other custom rom using magisk module? And why is it that the poco f3 font can only use mi san and be displaying Milan pro
  14. T

    My play store is messed up

    Had an issue where a banking app wasn't showing up in the "installed" section of play store, therefore it wasn't checking for updates. Could be more than 1, that's just the 1 that I noticed. Cleared play store cache, force stopped, swapped accounts, re-installed the app, nothing was working. My...
  15. J

    New The Updater app creates a wakelock on Xiaomi.eu

    On my Poco F3 the Updater app (com.android.updater) creates a wakelock. Here is a screenshot:
  16. G

    Invalid Poco F3 Widget Bug Weekly Version

    Hi guys, actually I have an issue in version 23.4.17DEV Poco F3, I tried for applying some widgets from the home screen and the widget appears Video here in YouTube but doesn't attach to anything, like a image moving around, I don't know if there's someone with that same issue, I hope you guys...
  17. A

    [HELP] AOD on poço f3 doesnt Turn off in pocket.

    Nothing more to Stay then what is in title, testes myself in newest Stanley Miui 14 Xiaomi.eu rom.
  18. Z

    How I can reverse flash TWRP on Boot

    I have a "Poco F3" with a rom of one of the MIUI13 versions (from Xiaomi.eu) and I wanted to update to MIUI14, but for some reason, I think I misunderstood and that I had to do the update through TWRP, but for some reason I didn't have TWRP and I get it, so I searched on internet and I find this...
  19. R

    way of dissable the power button on poco f3

    I want to know if there is any way to disable the power button on the poco f3, becouse it just dont stop to turn off and on, i think its a hardware issue but still wanted to know if its possible to dissable the power button, its realy anoying
  20. N

    Question, Xiaomi eu can be updated without my participation.

    The phone lay on the table for 2 hours, I turned it on and mine redmi buds 4 pro (gl) And suddenly they began to be defined as "TV or Speaker" and began to appear in Mi smart hub. How this work?