Installation questions for Mi 11 with MIUI 13.0.4


May 29, 2022

I've also got massive problems with Android Auto.
As i read in the forums, the known problems with AA are fixed in the ROMs offered here, although there is nothing to find about this in the changes metioned in the main post.
For this i want to flash the stable ROM, but still got several questions, for which i just can't find the answers:
* my device is the Xiaomi Mi 11 (venus) with MIUI 13.0.4 / Android 12
There is no update in my region available and seems like in no other region (i just tried like 4 to 5 other regions in the settings)

1st question: the Installation guide be like:
^Xiaomi devices on Android 12 via Fastboot only:
^- Download our ROM zip file
^- Unpack downloaded zip file in the PC using WinRAR
^- Reboot your device to fastboot mode (press volume down + power)
^- Connect to PC via USB cable
^- Run fastboot installation script from unpacked zip according your PC operating system:
^--- For Windows OS - windows_fastboot_update_rom.bat
^--- For Linux -
^--- For MacOS -
So do i need to unlock the bootloader? Because this step is only mentioned for devices with A11 / TWRP preparation guide ...
Yet another guide here in the forums tells:
^and here we go ....
^- you need to unlock bootloader

2nd question: as i got 13.0.4 and i see the current stable is 13.0.8.
Will this be an "update" where i have to choose "update rom.bat" and will keep all data?
Or is this, because of switching form official to, a "first install" and i have to format all data and factory reset my phone?

3rd: Did i get it right, that there will be no more OTA updates, as i flash the ROM manually and i will have to update every version since then by hand over PC?

4th: is there a way to go back to official ROM (mainly just for OTA updates) once Xiaomi will manage to fix the AA bug (i hope they will)?

5th: i've read a few people wrote about QI charging not working anymore after installing the ROM. Is this true? Is QI-charging really broken? Or is it an old problem, which is already fixed?

6th and just for me to no do all the 'work' for nothing: is the AA connection problem really fixed in the ROM offered here? Cause i only read people asking for a solution and others telling like "flash the ROM and it will work", but i didn't see anyone confirm that AA works after flashing without problems ...
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May 29, 2022
Hey there. I'm pretty much into Android, tho I'm new to Xiaomi phones and as much manufacturers for android phones there are, at least that much different tools and worarounds exist.
What i want to say: I can't really help you, but i would tell, when i find a solution, or someone tells me, what will work.

First thing i see is, that there is an official update (means also if should be available OTA) to 13.0.5

When i see it right, you can not downgrade the phone the official way. So the only thing left is to unlock the bootloader and flash an earlier version for downgrade. I can't promise this will help and it will for sure erase all data ...

For me a downgrade is no solution, because you miss security updates and new features / feature updates. There is only one way: forward ;)
That's why i hope an upgrade or re-flash the community ROM of same state will fix the issue, but also not sure for this.


May 29, 2022
So far i've found out myself:

#1 you need to unlock the bootloader even to install the stable Android 12 ROM.
And it usually takes about a week, before xiaomi will "free" your device, after you apply for unlocking.
Today i have to wait 110 hours :rolleyes:

The rest is still a mystery ...


May 29, 2022
Thanks, I agree going to 12.5 is a retrograde step. I just need to wait patiently. If you do hear about an update, please let me know, I'm quite new to this forum. Many thanks
I've finally done it ...
After waiting half a lifetime to be able to unlock the bootloader and struggling around unlocking the device afterwards (cause after a flash it seems to be automaticly locked by XIaomi and when you try to unlock it through your Mi ID you seems to always get into trouble) i installed the 13.0.8 stable from here.
As the guys promise that the ROM will fix the connection problems with AA i can tell you: it doesn't!
After flashing it and reinstalling all apps, getting all accounts done etc. i finally testes AA in my car and still got exactly the same problems as before.
And - also as before - my Samsung S9+ runs pretty well with same configuration.
Seems to be a deeper Xiaomi problem.
And i don't get it why everyone is saying installing the ROM will fix this problem, when this is simply not true ...
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May 29, 2022
First of all i'll just answer my questions, so far the things i experienced and read after unlocking and flashing the

#1 already clear
#2 it's not an update. even it's a "bigger" version, it has to be a clean install and will remove all data
#3 every update must be installed manually
#4 -still no idea-
#5 QI charging is broken and does not work for me anymore after flashing the community rom
#6 AA bug is not fixed in community rom, so if you think about flashing your phone just for this one reason, save your time!

still got a workaround! @sherlockuk
There was a guy telling you could use an USB hub and AA starts to work.
I tried it, using an old device with an external switching power supply, because i thought it's all about enough and constant power over USB.
But it isn't!
And i got no prove for my theory, but today i tried a brand new USB 3.0 hub with no external power supply or such and it worked!
It worked like a charm, even with the super cheap USB cables, which did not work at all before and i was able to listen to music, while navigating and everything without any issues.
And i guess it's more about buffering, or filtering corrupt data, which is transferred between the devices.
I'm gonna give it even more time to confirm the workaround works, but for the first, it seems to me to be the only way to use AA.