Omega Synergy

Dec 12, 2011
please please please

Implement this feature.
I tried googling a fix for this, all I see is people asking for a fix and yet it seems like a conspiracy where no one replies.
I saw one thread from XDA I believe where some idiot actually flamed the person who asked if there was a fix for this oversight.
The flamer actually said "why would anybody use such a retarded feature??"

In case anyone is thinking the same thing picture this cartoon:

At one of my homes i have super fast wifi. At my other home I have crappy dsl which is not wireless. slow, but faster than Tmobile UK's 3g or HSPDA.
I'm at my wifi-less house right now and I decided a couple of hours ago to try a new rom. I was using Shadow HawkV2.1 for Desire S.It's pretty good but it still looks like HTC Sense, and I want something different. So I use rom manager to download WP7 Saga rom. I'm lying in bed but I need a new rom and it takes 15mins to get to 10%. So I jump out of bed and turn my laptop on, I hook the phone to the laptop and select internet passthrough. HEY PRESTO! Download restarts but is finished in iabout 5mins tops. So what is this WP7 thing..? Its feels very light compared to CM7. Then 10mins later I find a glitch I dont like, a homescreen wallpaper glitch. I think "hmm, WP7 Saga is based on MIUI, so screw this silly rom which has this unacceptable flaw, I'm just going to go to the source and to give MIUI a fair trial"(the week before when I was at WiFi house I tried it for about 24 hours but went back to CM7.1 which i think is the rom I will use when I'm not using MIUI). So I hook the laptop up to the phone again and go into setting and toggle tethering. Doh. I guess I should have actually read the description. But anyway, MIUI downloads fast and all is well.
So its 2 minutes after install and I click tethering on my handset thinking wow sure glad I dont have to do my downloads by 4g.

Then I start cruising the MIUI website on my laptop to learn how to get the best out of my sleek "new" phone when I get a horrifying shock which puts my second grey hair in my beard and feel like someone has karate chopped me in the armpit(totally unexpected)

Google chrome gives me a wink and displays the message from T-Mobile "You have now gone over your fair usage limit"

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....? I thought you said that last week.
then whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....? why is the laptop running off the phone's internet???

then doh. when I read the description in the tethering menu.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a good reason. The only retarded thing is that I didnt take the time to realise what tethering was, I used to TETHER my nokias to play mmorpgs on my computer about 5 years ago, I used PASSTHROUGH for the past 6months Ive had my HTC.

Its not your fault I didn't read the description in the first place, not at all.
But passthrough is a great and useful feature, so please. Please. Pretty Please. Find some way, one of these fridays that you release updates, find it in your heart and minds to create a miracle.

Well. My feet are frozen now and its 6.13am, Im jumping back into my bed and getting familliar with my new handset which is already perfect in every way except the one that matters right now!

BTW merry christmas!