Is 12S Ultra rattling sound normal?


Apr 20, 2019
I recently started noticing that my 12S Ultra makes a rattling sound when I shake it even lightly. The sound seems to be coming from the upper half of the phone, perhaps somewhere in the region of the camera. I don't recall hearing the rattling when I first got the phone when it was still running stock ROM, but this could be because I just didn't notice. I have dropped the unprotected phone once from around 70cm onto somewhat-soft flooring (not concrete, roughly as soft as wood).

I get the rattling sounds even when the camera app is running and even when I am recording a video. The photos and videos taken seem normal, though.

Is this rattling normal? Do you get a rattling sound with your 12S Ultra phones also? Also, it would be good to know this for both stock & ROMs, to be sure whether it has anything to do with the ROM just in case.


Apr 22, 2021
It is normal. It is issued by the lens of every camera with (AF)+(OIS) , which moves freely when it is not active. When active, it moves in a magnetic field.
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