Is it worth it to put MIUI on my DX?


Oct 3, 2011
I love my Droid X. While I HATE Motoblur with a fiery passion, I was somewhat impressed with the Gingerbread update, especially my new battery life! I had MIUI on my phone for a bit, and it was a DISASTER. I had random factory resets all the time and many of the common bugs. I did, however, get it working, and I was loving it. MIUI is definitely for me. But for some reason when I updated to 1.10, it did another factory reset...I had all my stuff backed up using their in-house backup app as well as Droid2Bootstrap, but neither of the backups worked, and I got frustrated and SBFed back to Gingerbread 4.5.602. I am missing MIUI a lot right now, I loved how feature-packed and brilliant it was, but I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it. I do NOT want to have to go through many more factory resets, they're a pain in the ass and are enough to make MIUI not worth it for me, but another huge problem I was having is that every now and then my phone wouldn't connect to 3G. If these 2 problems get fixed, or someone can give me a solution, I will happily come back to this wonderful ROM, at least until I get an upgrade!