is there a baseband fix for Canada Telus Defy?


Feb 26, 2012
I flashed my Telus Defy to MIUI rom and found that the phone doesn't receive any cellphone signal. I used to have a UK Milestone with MIUI rom and it function normally. So I think it is because the wrong baseband.

Has somebody had this issue before? Could you kindly teach me how to correct the baseband?

Thank you very much!
Try to google the "defy baseband swithcher" apk .

I use it so i can have a normal batery life. But i do not know for someone to not have cellphone signal at all...

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Thanks for your reply, I did used that. But cannot find the band speicified for Telus Canada. Anyway, I choose one from T-Mobile which has similar band with Telus, I got telus network connection now. but in the first hours after power on, it's showing with Roming.
Try to apppy more americas basebands. I googled a little and telus is using 850/1900 try to put the argentina frequencies and see how it works

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