Is there a way to sync with MS Outlook on MIUI?

Nov 7, 2010
I use Google Calendar Sync (Outlook plugin) and that syncs with my Google Calendar...which syncs with my phone. What else are you looking to sync?
Dec 5, 2010
try this: MyPhoneExplorer

it's available in german an english, and you can nearly sync everything. it is also able to save sms messages and phone calls in case you update or have to wipe your phone, and a lot more.
just give it a try
Jan 29, 2015
Bit of an old post, but just in case someone else like me finds this.

You could use Google Calendar Sync,but that service has ended 6 months ago (Thanks Google...)

So like others suggested you can try a plugin for Outlook.
You could try EVO Collaborator for Outlook , a little 4mb plugin that natively syncs Miui.
With Gmail and EVO c.f.o you can also have your calendars etc synced with Outlook.

Might be worth a look, here is a tutorial on it
Nov 22, 2015
Noob ? here... Is there a way to sync with MS Outlook on MIUI? Love the ROM, but without the sync I'm lost at work, a manual sync of the calendar will do great!
All you have to do is go to Accounts add your email account using whichever protocol your mail server is (POP IMAP etc.) turn on sync and it will work..I use IMAP, Personal IMAP and Exchange Server and POP they all sync... turn on sync frequency inside the email account settings ......You can install Google Calendar it will also sync....
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