Invalid Xiaomi 13 - Wi-Fi portable hotspot MAC address (BSSID) randomication


Mar 9, 2013
Dear Developer Team, good day.

I wish to report the following problem.

My Phone is Xiaomi 13 (global version). Codename is "fuxi".
My rom at the moment is stable "xiaomi.eu_multi_FUXI_V14.0.24.0.TMCCNXM_v14-13"

Please be advised that every time switching on the Wi-Fi portable hotspot (for internet sharing), the MAC address (BSSID) is changed in the phone.

And the problem is Wi-Fi adapter (TP-Link TL-WN725N v3) in my car (Kia Sorento Prime) recognized it as different hotspots, and therefore not connects automatically. I have to mannually connects to new hotspot everytime. Photo and screenshots attached.
Kia Sorento Prime.jpgHotspot1.jpgHotspot2.jpg

FYI, my previous phone Xiaomi Mi6 had a static BSSID of portable hotspot and the car always connects automatically which was great.

I have been looking in settings for everything related to Wi-Fi for a long time and found the following:

1. Developer options > Wi-Fi non-persistent MAC randomication
This option doesn't work! I tried ON/OFF - no any difference.
Screenshot attached.
Wi-Fi mac randomization.jpg

2. Password & security > Privacy > Protection from Wi-Fi probe requests
Alternative name is "Wi-Fi Probe Protection". I've googled what is this and found the following: "XDADevelopers says that the feature appears to “randomise a smartphone’s MAC address so that the actual address is not shared with the WLAN router with a probe frame,” which is basically a request from a smartphone to scan available WiFi networks in the vicinity"
This also can be a sollution, but the problem there is no possible to disable this option. How to switch it off?
Screenshot attached.
Wi-Fi probe request.jpg

3. Just FYI, real device mac/randomized mac can be configured in Wi-Fi saved networks only.
However in case of portable Wi-Fi hotspot (for internet sharing) - there is no such option, always randomized mac.
Screenshot attached.
Wi-Fi saved networks.jpg

Pls check on your side and fix if possible.
Pls revert with your comments/sollutions.

Many thanks in advance,
Best regards, Nelson.
There is nothing to check on our side because this is not our feature and we don't touch it in any way. Might want to consult with Xiaomi.
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