New It turns off and on POCO X3 PRO


Jul 20, 2022
Hello, currently this bug or error just caught me by surprise, I was watching a tiktok, and when I shared the video with a friend, it got stuck, and lines of different colors began to appear immediately, the phone is turned off, currently I tried to turn it on and it doesn't turn on, I kept trying and it turned on, until it turned off again, but not even 2 minutes passed and a lead screen came out and a blue line in the middle, to then turn off, I would like to know if someone else is having this problem, it should be noted that I have the EU version of the latest version of the poco x3 pro


Jun 12, 2023
I'm sorry pal, your poco is about to die, it's a hardware problem with some poco x3 pro, my dad use to have the same phone a few months back, presented the same symptoms, tried flashing other versions of the rom, and it was shutting on and off randomly, then tried to go back to stock and the phone no longer connect to pc via fastboot, tried everything... while looking for how to fix it, I found that it is a usual problem of the phone, when it starts to reboot, it is a countdown until it dies completely, it can be a few days or weeks.

In the unlikely event that you find a solution, let me know, since I was looking for a solution to the problem for a few weeks without any success. Last week I decided to buy the new poco f5 for my dad.