New SMS notification spamming smartwatch when screen is locked and off


Nov 9, 2023
I have an Amazfit GT2, set to notify me when new SMSes are received.

It has worked fine for the past 3 years.

Has also worked fine on my 12S Ultra the past 1 year +.

With the latest updates to, it seems like when the screen is off the notification gets stuck in "notify" mode.

My watch will keep buzzing as it notifies me of the exact same SMS every 5 seconds. It will do so perpetually. Longest I've gone was about 5 minutes, it just kept buzzing and lighting up and showing up another notification of the same SMS. My watch notification inbox gets spammed with repeat notifications of the same SMS.

It only goes away when I finally turn on the screen (locked) or unlock the phone. The notification will finally pop up in the phone, and the watch notifications stop immediately.

It's like allowing the notification to pop up in the phone finally turns it from "notify" to "notified" mode.

Has anyone encountered the same? Seems to have occurred only since the updates in response to the GPay modules saga.

Edit: on second thought, it may have been since I flashed (Released on 18 Dec 23)

I don't think I had this issue with the previous v14.0.14.0 for THOR.