Just got my 1S and i think i bricked it, some help please.

Sep 9, 2014
Hello everyone, i will try to keep this as short as possible.

I got my phone today, wanted to update from version 24 to 37 but the updater app was missing so i was recommended to use the unnoficial MIUI Updater.apk and i did.

Now when i power on my phone it gets stuck in the silver MI ****** logo and i can't even access recovery, it just wont go, it always stays on the silver logo. I can however use power on + Vol down to fastboot but i can only get to the fastboot logo then it stops there again.

Any clues, what happened? What do i do...


Sep 1, 2014
I can't remember where exactly I got these instructions - somewhere in http://xiaomi.eu/community/ OR http://www.goldenadvisers.com/forum.php.

But I've used this method twice to unbrick my redmi 1s!

Download Fastboot image
http://******.d.miui.com/JHCCNBD24.0/armani_images_JHCCNBD24.0_4.3_389751fbed.tgz and unzip the file on your computer (it must be in C: ).

Download Miflash
http://******.d.miui.com/tools/MiPhone2.11.6.exe and unzip the file on your computer (it must be in C: )

- connect your Redmi 1S to your computer
- hold together Vol - and Power
Your enter in the fastboot mode

- open Miflash in your PC (takes a while to open because it install drivers, etc)
- click on refresh and the flash tool will recognize your phone
- click on browse and select where you unzipped the fasboot image

Wait for about 5 minutes.
The phone will reboot on the official Chinese - English ROM.

Hope this helps :)
Jul 4, 2014
Fastboot seems to be the way to unbrick it. Read the following:

Fastboot roms, will erase all your device, and bring your phone to factory default setting. Their scope is to recover your bricked device, and to install the rom on a clean environment. (It's like booting and install Windows from DVD). No matter how hard you can damage the system, Redmi 1s will be able to enter in Fastboot mode, from where you can flash this kind of roms. Fastboot mode can be achieved: shut down redmi 1s. -> Press Power+ Volume - in same time.

Learn more:

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