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Discussion in 'Xiaomi Redmi Note 3' started by mihalyn90, Jan 8, 2017.

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    So for now on i unlocked officially my bootloader. That is fine.
    Installed the TWRP ZCX.

    Now going to install rom, install, and wipe data/cache/davlik etc.

    Now here I my couple of questions:
    - if i want to go back to official rom, how should I proceed?
    - on the rom list, there is checked for kenzo: locked botloader
    - if a new OTA is out, how can i install?
    - can i do a xiaomi.eu rom install, restore a normal recovery, and lock the bootloader again?

    Some people ran into problem with IMEI delete etc, after reverting to original rom, after some custom roms.

    Thank you and hope that here, you guys are more friendly, and as i see, your forum it's much more stable. on miui com forum, i see double posts and lot of idiots asking same thing here and there.

    Steve, from Romania :)
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    1. You just need flash official recovery rom with ZCX TWRP again.
    2. Doesn't understand what your question exactly..but if this related that you afraid your bootloader locked again..dont worry you can unlocking again with easly.
    3. You can manually update by downloading new build then put in your sd card then flash it with ZCX TWRP
    4. Yes of course..just flash fastboot rom with miflash tool then thick locked option.

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