Kernel Panic?


Feb 7, 2011
It seems that kernel panic reboots seem to be occurring to me more often compared to earlier versions of MIUI.
I used to get this quite a bit on the 2.3 builds. I have recently upgraded to V4 and so far it has not happened so fingers crossed.
What version are you on?
Probably would help developers and others if you gave more info
I am currently on 2.7.6. I was upgrading from 2.6.29. I had a few kernel panics on 2.6.29 and once when I upgraded to 2.7.6.
Well you have 2 options now it seems to upgrade to 2.7.13 since it out. You are running the same version of miui on both systems? or are you mixing it? 2.7.6 on one system and 2.6.xx on another? I would recommend trying to run both systems on 2.7.13 if this do not work for you try Xiaomi Mi-one guide to install and Brush tool guide and re-flash the entire phone with the brush tool to see if that help. :)