Kernels compatible with MIUI

Nov 15, 2010
My opinion is that MIUI stock kernel is really horrible when it comes to battery life. Therefore I would like to see a list or something with kernels that's compatible with MIUI. I'm now using Wildmonk's kernels and I haven't stumbled across any problems with it yet but I'm also guessing that it's not the only kernel compatible with MIUI.

So what do you say, can we do a list with kernels and maybe a short description with pro's and con's for each one of them?

Nov 9, 2010
Yeah I personally dig bcblends cfs and bfs, with havs. That is if you phone can take/like them. Makes for excellent battery life. Dude, check the kernels thread to pick them up. Kingklicks kernels are good to.. bit I noticed some screen tareing when I use his. Really you just have to find one works for you. Cyanogen's stock kernel is great as well,, but not built for the greatest OC.

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