Latest MIUI causing lag and delayed sms messages?


Feb 11, 2011
I updated to the latest MIUI about 5 days ago (the 1.2.4 version), everything was fine until about 2 days ago when things started to run really slow. Transitions between screens, apps, typing on the keyboard, everything was just experiencing major lag.

I also started having issues of people not receiving sms messages until I would reboot the phone. I really like the way the interface looks and some of its functionality, but if it keeps doing this, I'm not going to stick with it.

Anybody else having this issue?


Feb 15, 2011
somebody correct me if i'm wrong, but 1.2.11 is the latest update so that might fix some issues, but I posted a minute ago about issues i'm having so it could give you different issues, i'm having a couple myself, one involving the messenger, might check my post out, but sorry I don't have any help :(