Launcher Mod weekly updates.

this mod is awesome i used it just till 5 days ago when i switch to samsung galaxy s2 epic we have a working miui version which is 2.1.13 any chance we can get this mod working for it and by the way extended settings does work with it, i try another version of the launcher mod and i got status bar fc none stop :( it would be much appreciated if could help Andy and i know for a fact lots of other peeps would too of course when ever you find the time to thanks a million in advance
im on the latest miui and this sent me into bootloops if not this one it was the 4 way reboot but one or the other just posting i guess as a warning???
was a dalvick cache wipe needed?? anything like that??
In regards to the "Do not restore from backups after mod install" warning, would installing from Market and then restoring only DATA from TB still cause problems? Just a thought.

Also, awaiting 2.3.2 compatible version :) (but have not tried current release)