Lavender: Device Encryption missing since some updates


Dec 9, 2016

some months ago, with some older MIUI 11.0... version of ROM, I did have device encryption enabled. In settings I did set a password and then I was able to go down to "data protection" in the same settings menu. Then there was a setting to encrypt the device. This setting is no longer available now. It has gone since 11.0.3 or 4 as I remember.

With this encryption I always had to enter the password after reboot immediately. There was no possibility to enter TWRP without entering boot-password. But now there is no protection any longer. I now get the SIM-Pin-page after reboot and the the passwort-page. I did not delete encryption, it has gone some versions ago.

Any idea why that is?

I have TWRP 3.3.0-0 installed.