Lisa dilemma: how to get mi dialer without pain


Mar 14, 2022
Hi everyone, this is my first post.

I have a brand new lisa (Xiaomi 11 lite 5G NE).
Out of the box it came with:
Android: 11 RKQ1.210503.001
MIUI Global 12.5.5 Stabile (RKOEUXM)

Then the phone requested updating and become:
Android: 12 SKQ1.211006.001
MIUI Global 13.0.5 Stabile (SKOEUXM)

I'd like to have MI dialer (with automatic call recording).

I can spend time tryng to flash xiomai eu rom but I'm completely newbie to modding.
But I'm good enough to follow step by step instructions.

By the way: is this procedure (post #1) also valid for lisa?

But I'm afraid that some app won't work anymore becouse are something like bank applications.
For example I have an app that generates otp useful for certain digital id application here in Italy.

Other my choice could be to flash official taiwan rom that, I read somewhere, should still have mi dialer inside.
I already tried to flash tw official rom with official flash tool but not succesfully, I obtain error becouse device not unlocked.
(And I also understand that this is rom forum, not global official rom.)

I have no data on this phone so no need to save anything before to start.

Thanks for any suggestion.
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Yes, EU ROM is fine with bank and gpay as it passes safetynet. You MUST go through the bootloader unlock process and wait the 168 hours required before the final unlock which will format your phone. That is the time to install by fastboot the EU ROM. Use the update with format fastboot command. Let it reboot and off you go.
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