Lock bootloader - call recorder


Feb 9, 2022
Hi. I have a mi11lite5g.
The only reason a put eu rom si form less bloatware and , especially , call recording.
Everything was fine until my bank app told me my phone is rooted.
The phone is actually not rooted, but it`s bootloader unlocked.
So, i must find a solution to keep them both.
I don`t have twrp or anything else.
If i`ll lock my bootloader using fastboot oem lock , will my phone still boot ?

Do you have any other solutins for this problem ?
The phone won't boot if you lock it with a custom ROM (or an official ROM not matching the region Global/China of the phone)
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How do i know what is my original and current rom ?
I am not sure about the meaning of your question, if you are using the eu ROM, it is a custom ROM.

And for the phone region, if you bought an international phone, it is usually Global (you would probably notice if you buy a Chinese version of your phone)
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