Lock up - maybe memory issue?

Feb 1, 2013
I have been using MIUI 3.1.25 for a few days, and I like a lot about it, but I am having my phone lock up on my. The screen is on, and there is no response to screen taps, or button presses, it does not turn off when I press the power button, or even hold it for a long time. I have left it alone and it just stays like that, locked up. The only thing I have found that fixes this, is to pull the battery.

This happens when I am using Facebook, Evernote, and with the default keyboard (I installed the Swype keyboard, and had no problems with that).
I compared my about screen to one somewhere on this site (or maybe it was on XDA Developer), and I noticed I have
Internal memory: 0.00B available
I have 512MB RAM, SD Card 10.03GB available, and 14.48GB total.
Is the 0.00B available a problem?
Do I need something set up different for the install or something else?

Let me know, otherwise, I am going back to Pixeldroid or NexusHDs Jellubean ROMs.

PS: When I go to Settings -> Apps, and look at the bottom, it says I have used 265MB, and have 237MB free. So, I'm not sure what that number is from the about page.