Lockscreen not working after modification.


Apr 9, 2012

I have a Defy and I am running MIUI 2.4.13 on it.
I was trying to modify certain part of the V4 lockscreen and after i was done when i tried to import this modified lockscreen to the themes it simply wont show up anywhere.
Here are the steps that i followed to do the required changes:

1. Renamed (changed extension) of the lockscreen file from .mtz to .zip
2. Extracted the contents to a folder.
3. Renamed the lockscreen file to lockscreen.zip
4. Extracted the contents of lockscreen file to a folder (folders name was lockscreen)
5. Deleted the lockscreen.zip file
6. Changed the images as required with appropriate ones (images were exactly the same except for the color of images)
7. Compressed the contents of lockscreen folder to a zip file and renamed it to "lockscreen"
8. Again compressed the contents of the parent folder to a file and renamed it to "xxxxxxx.mtz"

And then finally when i tried to use this file, nothing showed up in the themes area. I dont see my lockscreen over there.

I tried doing the above using winzip, winrar and even 7zip. Nothing works.
I just want to know whats going wrong.

Thank you.
Here is how I do it and it works for me.
Right click on the mtz file. Then select 7zip>open archive
Once 7zip is opened, find lockscreen, double click to open.
Open the advance folder
Drag the images you want to edit to your desktop
Edit the images then save them
Drag them back to the advance folder and you will be prompted "Are you sure you want to copy the files to archive?"
Click yes, then close 7zip. You will be prompted again "File lockscreen was modified. Do you want to update it in the archive?"
Click Ok and you are done.
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Perfect...it worked as you listed the steps :D ....
but still i cannot see the text changes i made to the manifest.xml file...any idea why so?? :rolleyes: