New Losing connection to a Windows 7 pc configured as hotspot after installing program from Market

The Extremist

Aug 11, 2012
finally i am able to repeat this bug. i am using HTC Desire S, running with Miui 2.8.10.

i configured my windows 7 pc at work -which connected internet with ethernet- as hotspot with a program called "connectify". [1]

after connecting windows hotspot i can browse internet or listen radio without any problem. until trying to install a program from marketplace, wireless connection drops but wireless icon at the top stays same like nothing happened.


here is logcat. starting with downloading a program called "toddler fireworks" to first "W/System.err"


here is a short logcat which i suspected about the source of problem. between two WifiLocks used by DownloadManager.

08-11 13:05:57.875 D/WifiService( 1566): acquireWifiLockLocked: WifiLock{DownloadManager type=3 binder=android.os.BinderProxy@41d00ad8}
08-11 13:06:03.130 D/WifiService( 1566): releaseWifiLockLocked: WifiLock{DownloadManager type=3 binder=android.os.BinderProxy@41d00ad8}


and here is a interesting line which did not occur until downloading from market. after "I/qtaguid"s, there is a warning(W/NetworkManagementSocketTagger) with an error code.

08-11 13:06:02.339 I/qtaguid ( 1716): Failed write_ctrl(u 84) res=-1 errno=22
08-11 13:06:02.339 I/qtaguid ( 1716): Untagging socket 84 failed errno=-22
08-11 13:06:02.339 W/NetworkManagementSocketTagger( 1716): untagSocket(84) failed with errno -22


i am hunting this bug since this morning and hope this info may help.

[1] there is another way to do this with windows without using connectify. the link below explains how. the results are same and same bug can be repeated.