Low Quality home screen wallpapers


Sep 30, 2011
Hello. I'm not sure if my problem is a bug, but when I try to set a picture as a home screen wallpaper-it sets it at a lower quality than its supposed to be. For those who may ask, the pictures I tried to set as a wallpaper were all HQ and even HD. Another strange thing about this is that I have a theme backup with a HQ picture as a wallpaper and when I restore it I get a high quality wallpaper, but when I try to set the exact same picture as a wallpaper through the gallery, it comes out pretty ugly.
Anyone else experienced this?
Thanks, Mark.


Feb 1, 2013
I am seeing the same thing, and was looking for a solution. There are 8 pictures to select from when I choose a new wall paper, and those work. If I select "others" and browse to some nice pictures I have, they all come up in goofy colors (I guess that is the low res you mentioned smarki).