M1 reboots

Jul 5, 2012
Maybe it is the same problem as I have. I am not sure about if it happens when not connected to WIFI, but I think I only have the problem in the morning or early day. That is to say that later in the day I get home and turn on wifi, so there might be something to this...

Could this be a bug? Maybe it should be posted to the bug section?

Dm22 is mentioning something relevant as this happened after upgrading to v5. I hope this will get fixed soon :)
Apr 3, 2013
I have same problem , my phone reboot when i receive call / make call , i think the last rom is now ok , i will test it , yesterday i dont have problem yeat ....

For try solution i clean all and install last update.zip [ 3.5.31 ]

Best Regwards