Manup Rom


Apr 9, 2011
Can we apply new english patches to this and everything else associated with MIUI or do we have to wait for him to make them work with his rom? Excuse if i'm my terminology isn't correct I just basically want to understand what this roms limitations are to the updates from the regular MIUI rom
Your question would be better served by asking him that, don't you agree? He would be the person who knows what changes he makes to MIUI before releasing his mod. And if I'm not mistaken, he doesn't frequent miui-dev.
He would be the best person to ask, but I also know that there are those users out there who might have tried it out. Thanks for you input I'll try contacting him now
Others users may have tried it, but that does not mean what works for one user will for the next. The other users might not realize what was broken when they did it. It's best to go straight to the source and know for sure.